DNA & Drug Screening Services is a collection site for many different labs, so those labs can process those collections. Between 80 to 100 people per day come in for DNA and drug tests.

We are efficient, yet thorough, in what we do, we get clients in and out quickly and they admire us for that. We hear stories about people who go in for drug testing and wait at the facility for hours, especially if they go to an occupational health facility, where the primary thing they do is not drug testing. Conversely, we get clients in and out within 5 to 10 minutes. They know they won’t have to wait a long time here.

A lot of our competitors do not just provide drug tests, they provide occupational health services like physicals, post-accident visits with physicians, etc., which require them to stay at the site for long periods of time. At DNA, the visit is pretty much in and out. We are a smaller business, so we can streamline the experience.

Emanuel Carvalho – Owner

Emanuel has worked at DNA & Drug Screening Services since 2010. He enjoys dealing with clients and making sure they have a satisfactory experience.

Emanuel did his externship at an occupational health clinic. His career advisor alerted him of the opportunity to work at a drug screening clinic. He jumped at the opportunity to join DNA & Drug Screening Services in 2010 where he could grow professionally and learn business skills. From his initial part-time position as a front desk receptionist, he quickly progressed to become the site supervisor, and now the owner.

Emanuel has obtained the following education:

  • Associate Degree of Science in Medical Assisting
  • Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT)
  • Certified Professional Collector (CPC)
  • Certification in Drug Testing Management from DATIA

Many of DNA’s clients are in programs and are required to get tested once a week.

We do a lot of testing for Family Court, which requires our clients to test every week, or sometimes twice weekly. Nurses and doctors in the program have to test very frequently. Our business with healthcare professionals has grown a lot because of word-of-mouth about how efficient we are. They all go to meetings together and they will tell their group that we are a great place to get tested.

DNA & Drug Screening Services has a wide variety of clients:

  • Those who require Department of Transportation testing
  • Persons required to do drug testing by Family Court
  • Individuals needing DNA testing (paternity, sibling, grandparent, infidelity testing, etc.)

Providing a safe, friendly environment is a high priority for Emanuel and his team. “When people come for drug testing in general, a lot of them feel like they’re being judged, especially if the testing is for court or probation. We are not judgmental, but try to be kind and accommodating. A measure of how safe they feel is reflected in how often we hear people’s life stories. When they open up to us we know they feel our facility is a safe environment.”

A good reputation will ensure that people spread the word about your company, if you don’t have a good reputation, people are not likely to come to your business.

There’s nothing better than word-of-mouth about our quality work, professionalism, friendliness, and fair pricing. We have checked and I believe our prices are the best in the area.”

To promote a team atmosphere, Emanuel gets his team’s opinions on new policies and makes sure they are in the loop about the business. “I treat everyone with respect and am not biased toward any person in particular.”

People need to trust a drug testing company in order to feel comfortable coming there again and again for something as personal as drug testing and paternity testing. “If people come in once, they know we are a solid organization and feel comfortable to return when needed,” Emanuel asserted.

Emanuel would like to see more businesses use the services that DNA & Drug Screening Services provides. “They will get better information with our company because we know what we’re doing. Emanuel is a very experienced person in drug testing and has taught us the proper way to do drug testing. When companies work with us, they will have a policy that is legitimate, drug testing done the correct way, and a drug-testing program that is in compliance.”

Emanuel has obtained the following education to help him do his job better:

  • Associate Degree of Science in Medical Assisting
  • Breath Alcohol Technician (BAT)
  • Certified Professional Collector (CPC)
  • Certification in Drug Testing Management from DATIA