Employment Drug Testing

DNA & Drug Screening Services offers a wide range of testing options for employers who want to implement a drug and alcohol testing program for their employees. Whether you need DOT (Department of Transportation) testing or Non-regulated testing, DNA & Drug Screening Services is here to help you ensure that you are in compliance and implementing a drug free workplace.

If your company already has a testing program in place but is not satisfied with the collection site you use, give DNA & Drug Screening Services a chance to be your collection site for testing. Since DNA & Drug testing are the only services we provide, your employees will not be waiting in the same queue as those waiting to be seen by doctors for occupational reasons.

Our goal is simple:
Provide drug testing services in a timely matter while following all proper protocols

More reasons you should use DNA & Drug Screening Services:

  • All of our employees are certified DOT drug screening collectors and certified Breath Alcohol Technicians.
  • Results of testing are available within 24-72 hours.

Department of Transportation – DOT regulated drug testing

For all your testing needs (Pre-employment, Random, Post-Accident, Reasonable Suspicion, Return to duty, Follow up) DNA & Drug Screening Services is here to keep your company in compliance and manage your random pool as your Consortium/Third-Party Administrator (C-TPA) for DOT-Regulated Testing.

Non-Regulated drug testing

Non-regulated testing allows for more options to best fit the needs of the employer and their testing program.

DNA & Drug Screening proudly offers the following types of testing:

Lab based urine testing

  • The most common form of testing, we send our samples to a SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) certified laboratory that reports results within 24-72 hours.
  • Panels range anywhere from a 4 panel to a 10 panel depending on client’s needs.

Rapid/Instant urine testing

  • Instant tests offer similar testing panels as a lab-based test, but the testing is done on site at our facility. Results are reported the same day for all negative results.
  • If a result is inconclusive, we send the sample to a laboratory for confirmation testing.

Hair testing

  • Hair testing allows for a longer detection period of up to approximately 90 days.
  • This can be advantageous in pre-employment testing where candidates are aware that a drug test may be required and can otherwise abstain accordingly, as a urine test only goes back 2-3 days for most substances.
  • Results are reported within 24-72 hours and we offer both 5 panel hair testing and 17 panel hair testing.

Oral Fluid/saliva testing

  • Oral fluid testing is a great tool in determining recent use, as the detection period is shorter than urine testing.
  • This test is also less susceptible to adulteration or tampering as the sample collection is observed by the collector throughout the entire test.

Alcohol testing

  • We offer both DOT/NON-DOT Breath alcohol testing.
  • A breath alcohol test will tell you if someone is currently under the influence of alcohol.
  • If positive, a confirmation test will be done at no additional charge.
  • All of our employees are certified breath alcohol technicians.

Get Started Now

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    DNA & Drug Screening Services currently offers the following drug testing services:

    5 Panel Urine Instant Test – $40.00
    5 Panel Urine Lab Based Test – $45.00
    10 Panel Urine Instant Test – $60.00
    THC Urine Instant Test – $20.00
    THC Urine Lab Based Test – $35.00
    Oral Fluid 5 Panel Lab Drug Test – $60.00
    Oral Fluid 7 Panel Lab Drug Test – $65.00
    5 Panel Hair Test – $120.00
    5 Panel Hair Test with Extended Opiates – $150.00
    17 Panel Hair Test – $350.00
    Anabolic Steroid Urine Test – $180.00
    Medical Professional Urine Panel – $200.00